Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Alice's Adventure's Through the Looking Glass

Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Alice is just sitting home, watching her cat, Dinah, care for her kittens. While she is spending time in the drawing room, she notices that she can't tell if the fire in the room in the mirror is lit. She goes closer and closer until she winds up in the room in the mirror, to find that the parts that she could see from the other room are the same, but the rest of the house is completely different.

She fights figures on a chess board who are alive, but can not seem to see her and then Alice goes exploring in the new room and beyond. After making her way through the garden, she gets instructions on how to become a queen. In an orderly and chesslike fashion, she follows the stops laid out by the White Queen and in doing so meets an assortment of interesting characters.

Everyone is familiar with Tweedledee and Tweedledum and their duel over a rattle. This is just more of the well known story.

Once again, Alice wakes to find it was all a dream.

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