Friday, January 20, 2006

Big B-day weekend

Today is my lovely little niece, Baby Girl's 9th birthday. Of course, I'm convinced that she was born a teenager, so it's hard to calculate her perceived age. Are girls all reincarnated? I'm not sure what I believe in, but it seems to me that my niece has been here before. From when she was a teensy weensy little baby (and she was very) she's seemed to know things that didn't seem possible. She could get a point across and plot and plan, to the point of being a little strange. It wasn't until my nephew was born and was a regular little baby enjoying his first foray here on Earth that we realized that little C-Bear was kind of a freak (strictly in comparison). She was the world's greatest starter baby. By the time she was three you could have dropped her off in the middle of nowhere and she would not only be able to find her way home, but would probably give other people directions while she was at it. We didn't actually test this theory out, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate. We could have sent her out to get a job and she'd have been able to support the family.

Tomorrow is my beautiful friend Buzbee's birthday. Buz is one of the fabulous Eben Street Girls, so named for the house we rented together in college. 8 girls, one working bathroom, lots of good times. Buzbee was the last of the original 8 Eben Street girls to get her nickname. Of course, P-Noid didn't join us until Eben Street year, so she actually got her name last. Buzbee had been complaining that she was the only one without a nickname. I'm not really sure how it was that she had yet to fall into hers, as the rest of us did.

Zoid, who became the self-imposed President of Eben Street, was, shall we say, "altered" and watching tv in the girls' dorm with Buz one afternoon. A commercial came on with the a bunch of the old Laugh-In people on it and Zoid started cracking up (laughing that is, we admit to no psychosis). When Buzbee asked what was so funny, Zoid said that she loved Ruth Buzbee and then they both laughed at Zoid's mispronunciation of the name. That was when it happened. Zoid turned around, looked at Buzbee and proclaimed, "Henceforth you shall be called Buzbee!" I know, you're thinking, that could be how she got a nickname, but it couldn't have possibly been such a dramatic naming ceremony, but this was Zoid. So, this was exactly what she said. Buz got her nickname, we got another deranged tale to add to our "house files" and everyone was happy.

Monday will be the Handsome Honey's birthday. There will have to be much celebrating on his behalf! Maybe next post, I'll include a little more about the amazing man that is Mr. HH

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