Thursday, April 20, 2006

April is National Poetry Month

I've let most of the National Poetry Month get away from me without a single poetry post. I consider myself someone who doesn't like poetry, but I really do, just not all of it. How much of that adolescent angst poured onto a page in rhyming couplets have you been exposed to, or even written yourself? All that emotional turmoil that must be purged from the teenaged soul, all melodrama, all the time. Every crush is true, passionate, overwhelming love. Every breakup is soul crushing, heart breaking, permanent despondency. How did we get anything done as teenagers? Just the hormonal and emotional crap going on had to be exhausting. Everything is so huge and all consuming in those years.

In going through all of my saved away treasures (using that word very very loosely) I've found much horrible teenaged poetry that I wrote. I'm talking, stuff that I cringe just thinking of. But, in my defense, there is actually some stuff that's not so bad, too. I can't imagine a reason why I would force some poor internet surfer who stumbles in here to be subjected to my poetry, so I won't. I will however, leave you with a poem by the incredible Dorothy Parker that I memorized many years ago and still tickles me whenever I think of it.

razors pain you
rivers are damp
acid stains you
and drugs cause cramp
guns aren't lawful
nooses give
gas smells awful
you might as well live.

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Guinness_Girl said...

I adore Dorothy Parker! My favorite?

News Item.

Men rarely make passes
At girls who wear glasses.