Friday, April 28, 2006

That 70s Show

I've recently discovered That 70s Show. Yeah, I know, way to be on top of things, Piksea. I think I've seen two episodes of the current season. I've really been watching it in syndication, and loving it. I can't believe I had no interest in this show when it first started. I was such a fool.

Actually, I'm finding myself crushing on the Steven Hyde character. This is a little disturbing on a number of levels, none of which take into consideration that Eric Forman may be the sweetest boy that ever didn't really live. First, Hyde is the paranoid stoner bad boy. Umm, yeah. Been there, done that. I had a boyfriend who kept a milk crate full of cannibus sativo in his bedroom closet. I know. You're thinking I had a boyfriend who was a drug dealer. Wrong! It was all for his personal use. He liked to reach in and grab a big green bud for breakfast. That was his favorite way to start the day. Yick!

Mr. Handsome Honey wouldn't know a bud if he stumbled over one, He is the anti- bad boy. He is good and kind and thoughtful and straight and always has been. Those are just a few of his innumerable wonderful qualities.

The second, and I'm growing to believe, far more important problem is Hyde's future. Not his professional or financial prospects, because who thinks about that in a fictional character? Not I. It's the hairline. I've got a sneaking suspicion that when he hits middle age, he's going to look a little like this.

Sometimes I scare myself.


Guinness_Girl said...

Ooh, you have TONS of great TV_watching ahead of you if you're going to catch up on everything!

Hyde, huh? Actually...he does have a little sexiness going on, doesn't he? Hmm. Never noticed it before, but I can dig it!

Blog Admin said...

I often catch up on shows years late - I didn't start watching Friends until after it finished!

It can be a good thing though, it means you have lots to look forward to :)

Anonymous said...

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