Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Piksea (Just some odds and ends)
  1. I am 5'2". My 5'3" mother always said that she married my 6' plus father so she wouldn't have short children. Whoops!
  2. I have blue eyes.
  3. I am left handed.
  4. I read over 110 books last year and my "to be read" pile only got bigger.
  5. I still get together semiannually with my roommates from college. (We still laugh at all the old crazy stories and act like kids when we're together. We still only use our college nicknames with each other.)
  6. I have a 7 year old black cocker spaniel "puppy" named Pickles who is a total mama's boy.
  7. I can't imagine ever living too far from the ocean. (I lived in Minnesota for a few years as a kid and no matter how many lakes and rivers you have nearby, they are no replacement for an ocean)
  8. I am a Scorpio and was born in the year of the snake, so I have the worst sounding zodiac signs. I am through and through a Scorpio and have no problem with that.
  9. I was born on a Saturday and it's really true that "Saturday's child has to work for a living."
  10. I have been engaged twice and married once.
  11. I now live with Mr. Handsome Honey (my brother has asked when I'm going to get my third diamond.
  12. I have one sibling, a brother. He is exactly one year and 19 days younger than I am.
  13. I want to learn to speak a lot of languages, but I really only speak English and a teensy weensy bit of Spanish. I don't think I have much aptitude with languages.

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