Monday, May 08, 2006

Fond Remembrances

C was probably no good for me in so many ways, and vice versa, in all fairness. We were both extremely introverted, with small comfort zones. Together, alone we were great, but I was definitely too young to have commited to spending my life with someone who wouldn't pull me out of my shell and out into the world. I needed extroverts to balance out my shy and hermit like tendencies. C was also wonderful in so many way. I will always treasure the many sweet and lovely memories I have of our time together.

  • He was the guy who had to kiss me at every red light.
  • Even though he always had cars with bucket seats, I had to promise and remember if he ever bought a truck, I would sit all the ay over on his side, next to him.
  • He was the one who decided that "There is a light that never goes out" by The Smiths would be our wedding song, even though it was just a silly little fantasy of some distant future at the time.
  • He drove me to Disney World over the winter holidays, even though he hated crowds and we knew it would be the most crowded time of the year. I had a kidney infection and we had to stop a lot. We also needed to map out all the bathrooms at the parks without lines . We did the drinking tour of Epcot. And, he actually wore the Mickey Mouse ears with his name embroidered on them (even if it was only in our hotel room).
  • C was the guy who bought a waterbed with no baffles because he knew how much I loved the waves. He would even make it wavy for me. He never complained that I frequently would call out "Ready?" then lift my butt up and crash down on the bed to make as many waves as possible and enjoy the ride.
  • He's the reason that I am an excellent travel companion and first rate co-pilot.
  • We went so many places and I had so many exciting experiences and adventures with him.
  • When I spent my summers, carless in Wildwood, living with my grandparents, he would drive 80 miles down the NJ Parkway to see me, or to pick me up and drive me back up to his house for a day or a weekend. Then, he'd do it all over again to bring me back. All that, just to be with me.

I've been going through all the old boyfriend stuff in my boxes and it's the C memories that really matter to me. I love that I can look back on it all and smile and enjoy all those great memories. How do people hold on to all that negative? You lose so much of the positive that's wrapped up with it and that is so much nicer to think about.

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Michele said...

Boyfriends come and go,taxes
are forever.Stop by for a visit.