Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Hate Everyone... Starting With Me

I Hate Everyone... Starting With Me  by Joan Rivers

Read:  2013

This was a nook  book bargain and I snapped it up, just out of curiousity.  I didn't expect any edification, and I certainly didn't get any.  However, Rivers is a legendary funny woman and I felt I needed to see what she had to say.  

This book was exactly what you would expect. It's filled with Rivers' standard lines and opinions. I think  the comedians of today need to make a show of flouting political correctness.  I know the whole PC world is kind of crazy, but meanness just for its own sake, is far crazier.  If people didn't have the tendency to be intolerant of the differences of others, we wouldn't need to work so hard to keep from offending each other.  Sure, there are plenty of groups that just don't care how offensive they are.  And, the funniest thing about that is most of them claim to be speaking for God.  

If you want to hear what Joan had to say about the book, here is a link to her interview on Access Hollywood.  Even better, here's Stephen Colbert signing off from The Colbert Report .

I'm not even sure how to review this book. It's a slim little volume, filled with exactly what you would think.  I'm pretty sure the purchase of this book just saves you from the two drink minimum.  Although, a couple of drinks might have helped.

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