Friday, April 19, 2013

Yay! It's Friday

TGIF peoples.  It's Friday and that means lots of fun new book stuff to know about.  First off, today is the day to score your Friday Freebie over at the Unbound Nook Blog.  They've got a free nook book and app available for download. Go check it out!

The good people at Barnes and Noble also have thousands of free nook books posted on their website.  If you are constantly filling up your ereader like I am, head on over and see the selection.

Friday also means that the nice folks over at the Unshelved web comic post their Unshelved Book Club.   You can find this week's selection by clicking here.  If you missed last week's you can find that through this link.

In other linky love, here are some interesting articles I've perused at Flavorpill

- Twelve famous author's first author photos.  Check out the young Norman Mailer and Truman Capote... ohhhh, and that unibrow on Stephen King.

- Next up, Nine authors who did stints in mental institutions.  I'm not sure anyone is really surprised by any of these.  Or, why this was a good idea for a story.  In retrospect, I'm not sure if this is enlightening and thought provoking, or just seedy and mean. Especially considering the ends some of these people came to.  

-  Then we have 21 books written by and about women that every man should read.  I'm seriously embarrassed to admit that I've only read three of these. Very sad, don't you think?

- Last, but not least, since it is Friday and the end of week happy hour is just a few short hours away, here's, 10 Famous Writers on How to Drink.


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