Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Monday Book links

It's a rainy Monday here in southern New Jersey and I've had a heck of a day.  I tore my last right contact lens and had to wear my glasses and go to the eye doctor's office.  After waiting around, getting an eye exam, expressing an interest in a different kind of lens, getting a pair of trials that I already hate I finally got out of there.  I made it into work at noon.

I did, luckily miss all of the really hard rain.  That's been coming down most of the day at work.  And, I'm still a little on my Belmont Stakes high.  I won $16.75! Woo hoo! I'm rich.  Who needs this crazy work nonsense? Not me.  Of course I placed $20 in bets.  I would have come out $1.75 ahead if I hadn't gone back and pored over the list, finally betting the last $5 on Overanalyze to show.  I just love irony!

So, checking my email today I stumbled across a couple of good articles to link to, and oh, how I love today's google doodle celebrating Maurice Sendak's birthday. To this day, Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favorite books!  There are plenty of days I wish I had Max's wolf suit to make mischief of one kind or another.  Let the wild rumpus begin!!!

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