Friday, June 21, 2013

Showing Some Book Link Love

Happy Friday. Happy Summer.  Happy Reading!!!  It's the longest day of the year, which, to readers, just means it will be that much later before we need to illuminate our pages.  I've been amassing book links again and I'd like to share some of them with you now.  Here goes.

  • Flavorwire's O, Dystopic Irony puts a lot of overused and improperly used literary terms in their rightful places. I love when people shed light on "irony". I just wish the right people were reading it.  They use photos to illustrate each point.  The photo for dystopia is from The Hunger Games, followed by the true definition of the word, and calling out the people who use the word as hyperbole.  As I see it, The Hunger Games is through and through dystopic.  A world/future where children  are forced to kill children and the surviving child's district gets a little more food for a year?  An un-Utopia if ever there was one. 
  • Buzz Feed's list of 13 Utterly Disappointing Facts About Reading is as much horrifying as it is disappointing.  But, as much as people have been foretelling the death of the book for ages now, I keep buying them, I wind up on the waiting list for them at the library and I know plenty of people who really enjoy reading and do plenty of it.  I, personally, do my part by buying books as gifts.  In fact, almost every single gift I give, includes a book, chosen specifically for the recipient.  
  • Over at Flavorwire, the staff is talking about The Books they Read too Young.  Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Of Mice and Men, The Iliad  in elementary school?  Yikes.  Although, I always read way ahead of most of the kids in my classes, my mom usually took part in steering me toward stuff I would understand and enjoy.  I can't even imagine attempting some of these so early.
  • Melville House is questioning whether or not Barnes and Noble is phasing out the Nook.  Say it isn't so!!!! I have 3 and I use 2 of them every single day!  I really hope this isn't true.  I was kind of thinking that the new lower price points would make them great gifts.  But, not if they're already on their way to obsolescence.
  • Book Riot has yummy looking literary desserts.  Some are too pretty to eat, some kind of creepy and others weirdly inappropriate (Hunger Games wedding cake?), but all need to be seen to be believed.  Seriously, I could down some of those sorting hat caramels!
  • How about YA author Michelle Tea's favorite books about girls in trouble?
  • Have you read the 10 Phenomenally Tricky Books that Everyone Should Read? I can only claim 4, but do have a couple of the others on my Absolutely Must Be Read list.  When did we get pardoned on Faulkner, Joyce and Pynchon's works?
  • Favorite authors' favorite bands?  Cool concept.  I'm surprised that Murakami isn't more of a Beatles fan.  He did write a book called Norwegian Wood, for Pete's sake.  Poor Nabokov, not a fan of music.  I find that both sad and kind of disturbing!
  • Since I think everything should incorporate books, I'm loving Flavorwire's Beautiful Dance Performances, which do, in fact, incorporate books.
I'm a huge fan of music and books and I have the terrible/enviable habit of being unable to stop the wiggling once I hear the music.  I think I'll do some dancing with my books this weekend.  Happy reading! Happy clicking!  Happy Wiggling!

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