Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Color Purple

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

It's no mistake that this book is on so many lists of favorite and best books.  It's also pretty high on the ALA Banned and Challenged List.  The Color Purple is an amazing and moving story.  Alice Walker couldn't possibly come up with enough good things to happen to Celie. She is such a beautiful character.  Even when she thought she was nobody and couldn't imagine standing up for herself, she managed to have a positive effect on the people around her.  They, in turn, made sure to show their appreciation and treat her the way she deserved.It was wonderful to get to see her come into her own, for people to treat her as she deserved and for Celie to let herself love and be loved. 

This epistolary novel is written as diary entries, addressed to God, and later as letters to Celie's sister who went to Africa with a missionary family.  It's a book about resilient people, and it's a very good thing they are so resilient, because their lives are so very hard.  No matter what the characters go through, and they go through a lot. There's abuse and neglect and major life changes and poverty throughout this tale.  And the people who go through all of this, flourish despite the obstacles.

The Color Purple is a book about the power we all have within us and the hope for a better future and the love that we all deserve.  The writing is amazing, the story is arresting and the experience is one that every reader should have.

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