Monday, July 01, 2013

Best Library Uses

Life Hacker has a few really great articles on libraries.  I know that I am greatly dependent upon my local library. There is no way that I can afford my reading habit with the wonder that is the library.  I check out books, audiobooks and dvds every week.  Plus they have access to free digital entertainment, including magazines that I can read, watch and listen to on my computer, phone, nook and tablet. 

The first, which includes the information for the second, is The Best Uses for Your Local Library (That Aren't Just Books) and included in that article is the link to check out how to find out if your library has free museum, concert and event tickets available for patrons.
Next up, they have an article on how to Get the Most of Your Local Library Online.  I use a lot of these and picked up a few new tricks/ideas for getting the most out of my library online.  I usually make at least one quick trip to the library a week, but I check into their online portal a few times and have even used the online 'ask the librarian' feature and received a speedy response.  

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