Wednesday, July 03, 2013

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I subscribe to Brain pickings and every Sunday I am entranced by the quality of the articles they zap into my email inbox. Their article on Maurice Sendak illustrating a Tolstoy work made me squeal.  I especially like the drawing to the left here.  That's totally Max from Where the Wild Things Are, isn't it?  And, he reminds me a little of my friend Theresa's son Cole, if he were Russian and in a Tolstoy book.

I fell in love with Book Riot when they were covering the Tournament of Books this year and they never disappoint. Here are my favorite recent articles among those on offer.

  • 6 Books HBO Should Turn into Series. While I have to admit that I never thought of any of these, I can see their point.  I've also got a whole slew of my own that come to mind now.
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Young Adult Fiction.  For anyone who reads YA,  and those who wonder what it's all about, should check it out.  I did a literal LOL on number 5, and I adore John Green.  I don't think even he would say that he is all in the world of YA. In fact, he has a whole little club of YA authors that write together.
  • Buy, Borrow, Bypass  It's the literary equivalent of the game where you decide from a pool of three choices, who you'd screw, marry and murder.  This is much more applicable to my life, since I confine murder between the covers of my books.
  • 2013 Halftime Report of the Best Books So Far.  Darn! I've been reading all the wrong books!  I've got a few of these on the TBR list and they will be moving straight to the top!
  • 25 Most Hated Books by Book Riot Readers.  I love lists and this list is filled with links to other lists.  It's like I got handed a little meta bowl o' crack.  Funny how people who feel strongly about books can be.  We love and hate a lot of the same books and with equal fervor.  In the case of the classics, I can't stand Wuthering Heights, but I'll defy you to bad mouth my beloved Jane Eyre!
  • Five Books to Watch For in July Yay! More new books.  I don't understand how people can say that print is dead when every day there are more wonderful books published than I can possibly read and twenty times as many really awful ones.
Okay, that should keep you in links for the moment.  I'm sure I'll be back soon with some more.  Happy clicking!

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