Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yup, I've got more links

So many links to post and my bookmarks bar fills up with them even faster than I can share them.  Here's another batch to amuse and inform.

  • Life Hacker posted an article about The Best Uses for Your Local Library. Not only did I not know about all of these (and I visit the library at least once a week), but I'm pretty sure my library doesn't do some of these. 
  • Here's an oldie from Flavorwire. It's their article, "The Wedding Photos of 16 Famous Authors in Love".  Awww, a whole different kind of literary love.
  • Because, Flavorwire is always providing me with loads of entertainment, and most of it is stuff I want to save and share, here's another. Check out these modern paintings of fictional characers. 
  • Book Riot has some ideas for Fun and Funny Nonfiction reads. All but one are in the comments. I guess it's kind of timely to post on the nonfiction selection they're talking about.  It's October, the month all about breast cancer awareness and the Riot Recommendation is for Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams.
  • We've got 23 People Who Will Make You Care About Poetry. Personally, I've always been kind of iffy on poetry.  Some I love, but as a rule, I always go for prose over poetry.
  • Wondering which contemporary authors we might still be talking about in 100 years? So is Book Riot.  I'm pretty sure they're on to something.  At least half of this list are gimmes.  I'd be willing to come back and haunt people if they forgot Junot Diaz. That guy is a genius.
  • One teacher's fight against censorship, in this Book Riot article, What I Said When They Came for the Handmaid's Tale.  While I do remember that some of the kids in my English class junior year didn't read In Cold Blood with the rest of us. I don't remember it being any kind of deal. A couple people had parents who objected to their children reading it.  My mother never censored my reading material. She might sway me in a direction, she thought I'd like, but there was no such thing as a "bad" book.  Poorly written? Oh, there are tons of those, but none are bad.
  • Any thoughts on Jonathans?  Flavorwire ranks pop culture Jonathans.  There are 16 in all.
  • Did you know there are proper ways to read a book?  According to Buzz Feed there are 25.  I'm pretty sure this was just an excuse to see famous people reading books.  25 celebrities caught reading would've been enough of a draw.
  • It's October, so there should absolutely be creepy drawings of authors.  No, I totally don't believe that, but they went there any way at Flavorwire.  Haruki Murderkami?  That's unnecessary.
  • I'll finish up with 10 Highbrow Books for Smart Stoners.   Do with that information what you will.
Until the next time, happy clicking!

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