Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark  by Charlaine Harris

(borrowed the audiobook from my local library)

One of my reading resolutions is to read complete series.  However, I don't always remember enough to pick up on a series I stopped reading years ago.  Also, there are too many books I want to read for the first time and so many that I would love to reread.  There's never enough time to do it all.  So, I've chosen quite a few series that my local library has all of the books on audio.  The Sookie Stackhouse series is one that meets that criteria. I read the first few.  I'm not actually sure how many of them I read before I just stopped.  The final book in the series was published recently, and there is just no way that I will be making the time to reread these.   

So, as a Throwback Thursday post, I'll be discussing the audiobook of the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Here we meet waitress Sookie Stackhouse.  She has the ability to read people's thoughts and between people considering her strange or stupid and her trying so hard to not have to hear all the nonsense going through people's heads, it's exhausting being  Sookie.  She can't date because she hears everything the guy thinks about her, which would be distracting at best and can be offensive at worst.

Then one day a vampire walks into the bar where she works and she discovers that she can't hear a thing that is going on in his head, and so she falls in love.  She falls in love.  Sookie and Bill the vampire fall in love in the midst of a serial killer strangling girls just like her.  The top two suspects are Bill and Sookie's brother Jason. Even when Sookie's grandmother and her cat are two of the victims.  

Harris has created a cast of small town southern characters living and working in a going nowhere kind of burg, the parish of Bon Temps, Louisiana.  First there is the murder of some of the local girls, all with dead end jobs and who've spent time in the company of vampires. Then, there are the vampires coming to Bon Temps.  Suddenly, Sookie and her ability are no longer the weirdest thing in town.   

This is definitely not the kind of book that I would reread.  I think I can make my way through this series on audio.  A little romance, a little excitement, things could be much worse on my daily commute.

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The HoneyNerds said...

Ah I love this series! But I listened to them mostly on audiobook and I think the reader really brought the characters and the humor to life for me! I know many people think the series went downhill but I always enjoyed it - hope you do too! It is perfect for drives - not too engaging and it's fun!