Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Fortunately, The Milk

Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman (illustrated by Skottie Young)

Borrowed from the Camden County Library System

When I saw that Neil Gaiman had a new children's book out, I knew I would have to check it out (literally and figuratively).  The book was as delightful as I would expect and Mr. Young's illustrations were absolutely perfect.

Mom has to go away to a conference and she leaves all of the instructions for what has to happen in her absence, to Dad, who is thoroughly engrossed in the paper.  When Mom asks Dad to repeat all that is expected of him, he dutifully rattles off each and every point that Mom made. Surprised, and satisfied, Mom leaves with the final reminder to buy milk.

In the morning, the kids wake up, pour cereal in their bowls and discover there is no milk in the fridge.  When their father wakes up, they alert him to the issue and he heads out to the corner store.  Then they wait... and they wait... and they wait.  After Dad has been gone "forever and ever," he finally returns home with the milk, and a story.  

What follows is a rambling, but exciting tale involving aliens, dinosaurs, pirates and a volcano as Dad went from the corner store, across time and space, having crazy adventures, all while trying to get the milk home so his children could have their breakfast.  And, honestly, if you have to wait that long to eat your cereal, you should, at the very least, get a story like this to make up for it.

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