Sunday, January 26, 2014


Moonday  by Adam Rex

Borrowed from the Camden County Library (but will be shortly added to either my collection as a permanent possession, or to give to a child who will enjoy it)

I recently listened to Rex's Cold Cereal and I really enjoyed it.  I was, somehow, unaware of just how talented he is.  In Moonday a little boy notices how big the moon is and how close it looks to his house... only to discover that it is in his backyard.  

The moon gets kind of comfortable in the backyard.  But, there are some problems with the moon hanging out in a regular neighborhood.  The tides are affected, the sun doesn't come up, the light from the moon is going to annoy the neighbors.  

I'm not sure how Rex came up with this idea, but it's genius.  Between the way you feel as a kid when the moon is big in the sky and following you as you watch it from the car window, to the excitement you'd really have if it followed you home and stayed right there in your yard.  That, childish fantasy, combined with the real facts about and effects of the moon, make for a really interesting read.  

I can't wait to see what else Adam Rex has done that I missed, and what's to come from him in the future.

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