Friday, January 31, 2014

Still Loving the Links

I'm feeling all 'a day without book links is like a day without sunshine.' So much talk about the death of the book and publishing and nobody reads anymore, blah blah blah.  I refuse to believe it.  Have you seen how many book blogs there are? There's a zillion of us all reading and sharing.  If that's not enough, every day I wind up with a handful of links to great stories about books and reading.  Then, I share them with anyone who stops by and takes the time to click.  Let's see what I've got in the old "blogstuff" folder today.

  1. Who knew that Mark Twain was such a 'ho?  Flavorwire's list of 12 Vintage Advertisements Starring Famous Authors and Twain shilled in two of them.  Why doesn't Campbell's Soup have famous authors in their advertisements anymore?  Actually, I like Progresso better, so I'd be happy to weigh down more of the shelves in my pantry with my favorite, Vegetable Italiano if, say, Janet Evanovich or John Green, or John Waters, for that matter, turned up in the commercials or print ads.
  2. 20 Famous Authors as Dolls?   Without naming names, I totally would buy 14 of these.  I've got a love/hate thing going on with James Joyce, but his doll is just too freakin' adorable!
  3. Huff Post Books Aggressively suggests that they know the 30 Books You NEED to Read in 2014.  I'm not that crazy about being told what to do, but I give plenty of leeway where book recommendations are concerned. New Lorrie Moore and Karen Russell?  I'll be there.
  4. Flavorwire posted this interesting article, An Annotated Guide to 15 of David Bowie's Favorite Books, back in October.  I wouldn't have thought of David Bowie off the top of my head, but I'm glad someone did.  If this could be a regular feature, I'd be very interested in seeing what books celebrities and pop culture figures and authors and artists love.  
  5. Oh, the horror!  Buzz Feed Books posts on The Book No One Can Read.  I'm not sure if I think it's a crime to have a book that can't be read... or, if I'd love to write a book that no one could read.  I'm pretty sure that it would be extremely difficult to write a book that anyone would want to read, maybe making into one no one is capable of reading would be ingenious.
  6. Flavorwire shares 10 Kick-Ass Female Comic Book Characters You Should Know About.   I am a big lover of the girl power and I spent plenty of time spinning around in my backyard, pretending to turn into Wonder Woman.  She, and the others here all pale in comparison to the real point of the story, the final hero, Burka Avenger! She and her real life counterparts should be embraced and supported.
  7. Click through to see some of the most amazing and haunting cover redesigns as posted over at Buzz Feed Books for 12 classics.  The Lolita is particularly and appropriately creepy.  Love the Slaughterhouse Five, Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, and Fahrenheit 451.
  8. Speaking of Kurt Vonnegut, this Huff Post Books article of 7 things that Kurt Vonnegut  Can Teach You About Life. As if we didn't already know, the man was an absolute genius.  If anyone else can come up with more of his life lessons, I'll be the first to study them.  
  9. This is one of the best posts you will see this year.  Patrick Ballesteros' illustrations of 10 Classic Fandoms Imagined as Kids will Warm Your Heart.  I can't even begin to pick the one I like best. They are all way too awesome to have to pick one.  Stop by his website to see more of his work.  His illustrations can be seen here.
  10. I believe the children are our future.... or something like that.  Book Riot has compiled this selection of 10 Bookish Baby Onesies. I can't even begin to choose.  I love the Shakespeare quote and the typewriter the best, but I really love the all.
  11. I can not believe I've only read one of these books.  How many have you read of Flavorwire's 15 Works of Dystopian Fiction Everyone Should Read.  There are a couple on the list that I'd really like to read.  I've sworn off of Ayn Rand, though.
  12. Summer beach reads are months away and it looks like Flavorwire has come up with winter books in the post, Snow Reads Are the New Beach Reads. I'll definitely be moving some of these up my TBR list.  Of course, I won't be able to even think about the until all chance of snow is past, after the Tournament of Books, and the Battle of the Kids Books.
There's a dozen new places to stop and read about books.  I'm sure there will be many more posts coming soon.


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