Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Story of Fish and Snail

The Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman


This is such a sweet book... and extremely meta.  Every day Snail waits for his best friend Fish to come and tell him a story.  One day, Fish doesn't just want to just tell Snail the story. Fish wants Snail to go with him, leaving their book and jumping into the other story.  

Snail has to decide if he's willing to leave the safety of his book and jump into the unknown.  

The illustrations of the two friends looking from their book at the top of the stack and into the others below are adorable.  Snail is a cute character and following him as he gathers his strength, conquers his fears and leaves the safety of the known to share an adventure with his friend, Fish will probably be fun for small children to experience.   The illustrations are cute, the lesson is fun and the story is fun to read and to share with a small child.  

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