Monday, February 10, 2014

Vader's Little Princess/Vader and Son/ Star Wars - Jedi Academy

Vader's Little Princess, Vader and Son and, Star Wars Jedi Academy  by Jeffrey Brown

(Borrowed from my local library system)

I saw that my library had Brown's Star Wars themed books and decided to check them out.  I started with Vader's Little Princess which was really really cute.  Then I read Vader and Son and it was every bit as cute.  Darth Vader is still the same big scary evil dude, but he's also a dad.  Not just a father, but a dad.   That's the real charm of these books.

I've seen some online complaints claiming that Brown is somehow ruining Star Wars.  This is absolute crap! Every page of these books shows you just how much Brown loves this universe and its inhabitants.  He's not rewriting Star Wars, he's honoring it and the result is adorable.  

In Vader's Little Princess  and Vader and Son we see Darth Vader as the leader of the empire and the Dark Side of The Force. Sure, he's a really bad guy.  But, then you see him as a father to little Luke and Leia. He attends tea parties, gives up his ice cream to appease his son, who dropped his cone.  

The juxtaposition of the two sides of Lord Vader makes for an enjoyable read.   The drawings and the concept are adorable.  I really got a kick out of Brown's love of the these characters.

Jedi Academy is a different take.  In this book, Brown takes some of the familiar characters, species and locations and puts his own new spin on the Star Wars Universe. 

Little Roan wants to be a pilot.  His older brother is at Pilot Academy and Roan's dream is to follow in his footsteps.  When he isn't accepted, he's sure that he'll never makes his dreams come true. Then, surprisingly, he gets offered a spot at the exclusive Jedi Academy. Most students there have been using the force all of their lives and started at the academy years younger than Roan.

What follows is Roan's journey from disappointed would be pilot to the world of the Jedi.  Sure, he makes new friends and gets introduced to the force but, more importantly, he learns that the talents he already possesses have value and how to use them to make him the best Roan he can be.

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