Friday, March 07, 2014

Book Links Galore!!!

It's that time again and so, I'm happy to present this week's batch of book links.  Here we go:

  • Did you know that March 4 was grammar day?  I had no idea.  Over at Buzz Feed they've gathered together this collection of grammar related t-shirts.  I want them all!
  • Have you ever lied about reading books?  I readily admit when I haven't read a book.  There are times when I kind of get why someone might, though.  I've had conversations with people who assumed that the fact that I read a lot means I've read pretty much everything. Only to find that I haven't read any of the many many books they ask me about.  I still don't lie, but I do feel kind of like a fraud anyway.  This week, I've read a few articles by people who admit to lying about books.  This one, at Tres Sugar makes it seem sort of okay, considering that she went back and read the books later.  At Buzz Feed you can find this article 22 Books You  Pretend You've Read But Actually Haven't.  They even give you reasons to read the book, or not (yes, we're looking at you, Ayn Rand). 
  • The Waterstone's Blog has a contest on for literary scenes done with legos. They've got the Colin Firth, wet Mr. Darcy scene from the BBC's Pride and Prejudice.  Most of them really are just from books, but I reserve the right to sigh over the drippy Darcy rising from the pond at Pemberley!
  • The Book Riot Readers' 50 Favorite Novels list is a particularly good one.  Especially if you are a book list lover like I am. I've read 36 and do plan to read the rest on it. 
  • World Book Night is April 23, 2014.  Stop over at the official website and check out the great list of books.  As soon as the TOB is over, it looks like I've got my next list on which to work.
  • I always look forward to my weekly email from Brain Pickings.  Have you ever done a self-portrait?  I haven't.  On my drive into work this morning, I was just thinking that I'd really like to see myself the way my husband sees me.  That led to me thinking about that Dove campaign where they had people describe themselves to a sketch artist and wondering how I'd describe myself and what that would look like.  It would probably look better than anything I could draw, even considering that I'd probably try to make myself look better, but would describe every fault and flaw to a sketch artist.  But, I digress, as usual.  Here are a bunch of Famous Authors' Hand-Drawn Self-Portraits.
  • Buzz Feed has this post on 20 Books That Are Almost Impossible to Adapt. Not that impossibility has ever stopped the Hollywood machine.  I love the irony of the adaptation of Atlas Shrugged.  
  • I have not seen the movie Gravity... yet, but I always like a good book list and here's one from Bookish offering reading suggestions For Movie Fans Who Loved Gravity.  As a total aside, in the gutter of the page, there is a link to an article about Audrey Niffenegger writing a sequel to The Time Traveler's Wife.  In the span of a second or two, I first thought how I saw the end coming from really early on in the book and was still devastated by the ending (more for personal reasons than that I was that completely invested in Henry's inevitable fate), and then instantly realized that since the book was only chronological for Clare, who's to say where a sequel would begin or end... and, of course, there is the little time traveling baby Henry and Clare had, so I guess it could be her story. Or, I guess I could have clicked the link to see just what it was all about, but that is so much less fun than letting all the thoughts just run rampant in my head.
  • I thought the internets had gotten away from quizzes.  I remember when I first started blogging, the web was just overflowing with quizzes.  Maybe, I just stopped noticing them, or taking them, who knows.  Anyway, Buzz Feed has been bringing back quizzes, hard. Here's one to discover Which Jane Austen Heroine You Are.  I just got Elinor Dashwood.  Or, you can discover Which Hunger Games Character you are. I got Cinna. Wondering which Jane Austen Hero is Your Soulmate?   I got Darcy and I didn't even cheat a little bit.  I thought for sure when I chose the only teensy weensy little cottage for my house that I put the wealthy Mr. Darcy right out of the running, but Ha!  I got Darcy.  For the Harry Potter fans, I've discovered that my patronus is a cat (not impressed). You can find yours here.  My Shakespearean character is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing.  There were definite themes going on here, you can check out the quiz to take it or to see what I mean here.  If you want to see the full selection of pop culture, educational and silly quizzes, as well as the literary, search quiz at Buzz Feed to get the full list.
  • Another ironic tidbit for you.  Here's an article from Huff Post Books by Joanna Trollope on Jane Austen's Genius.  She seems to get her far better here than she does in her recreation of Sense and Sensibility.  I've read both, as well as plenty of other  takes on the Austen classic.  Of them all, so far I feel like Trollope had the least feel for Austen's characters.
  • If I needed much in the way of prodding these signs would totally put me over the edge. As it is, I can barely keep from buying my weight in books every time I see a bookstore.  Here are 13 Clever Signs That Will Make You Want to Buy a Book.
  • This is an older post that I stumbled across over at the Mary Sue.  A man repainted action figures from popular book/movie franchises to make them actually look like the actors portraying the characters.  
  • Buzz Feed Books showcases some of the reimaginings of classic books.  Do you have any favorites?  Any that really rankle?  I have quite a few of both.
Well, that's your baker's dozen (plus) of book links for this Friday.  I've got loads more to share with you in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, happy clicking!

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