Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's DMV day for Piksea

So, today I have to get a new driver's license. A few weeks ago I got the paperwork from the DMV telling me that my license expires on January 31, but I have to renew it by today, January 10 (don't ask, I can't explain how the State of New Jersey decides things) . I had planned on dieting and getting lots of rest so my face would look young and thin and dewy and fresh, or something like that. I was going to get my hair cut and colored. Of course, I procrastinated as I am known to do.

I've come up with a great idea! (Yeah, it could be great. Don't be getting all judgmental. You hardly know me.) If we had any women in real power in this state, I'm pretty sure I could get this moved up the political ladder. I think that someone should make it law that you should be able to have a new picture license taken on a day when you look really good. I'm talking rosey cheeks and no sinus puffiness around the eyes. On the day when you wear the top that works really well with your complexion. Then it wouldn't matter that the sweater that I wore yesterday would have been perfect to complement my fair skin and bring out my blue eyes.

Think about it. Who wouldn't go for that idea? Well, other than those really sweet, ambitious, cheerful, knowledgeable and attentive people (*dripping with sarcasm*) behind the counter at the DMV. I foresee an all new "I'm just a bill" with a freshly pressed Bill, looking his best, coming down the steps of Capitol Hill and heading off to get a picture on his driver's license, one reflecting the great day he's having, with a sparkle in his eyes and a confident smile.


Bibliophile said...

Good idea. If only it could be put into action.

My problem is that however good I look when I go to get my driver's licence/visa/etc. picture taken, I always come out looking 10 years older and 10 kilos heavier. A snapshot taken on the same day will show me looking my fabulous self.

My brother, who usually looks quite handsome in photographs, has come out looking like a criminal in every visa photo that has ever been taken of him.

I think it's the flat studio lighting that does it.

sassymonkey said...

My driver's license is ok but we have photos on our health cards here too and I look like a crazed escaped felon (doesn't help that I'm wearing a prison orange shirt...).

I like this idea. I like it a lot.

JoanneMarie Faust said...

I always suspected that I was an undiscovered genius. Thanks to you both for backing me up. (Hee!) Looks like this needs to be universal legislation.

I now have a driver's license for the next four years that does not look remotely how I would like to look on it. Grrr.