Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Guys: They Cheer Me Up When I'm Sad

I've been grumpy and on the verge of tears for the last couple of days. This isn't like me. Well, I can be Ms. Crabby Pants sometimes, but the ready to cry for no reason thing, is not normal for me. Although, it isn't really for no reason. Today would have been my father's 63rd birthday. I didn't forget this, but hadn't been bursting into tears whenever I thought of it. Here I was discussing something that had nothing to do with my dad and I was fighting back tears, it was so strange. How is it that you can be upset about something even when you aren't actively thinking about it?

Luckily, I have the Handsome Honey and my puppy Pickles to look out for me and cheer me up. This is a picture I took of them last spring on my deck. Since I completely suck with Blogger, I can't post the pictures that HH scanned into our computer for my mother. When she cleaned out my dad's closet before she moved last month, she found an envelope that had two photos with my dad in them. Chubby 1970s Daddy made me giggle.

That's all the depressing news that's fit to print for today. I'll be back soon with, hopefully less mundane tales to tell.


Judy Krueger said...

Hey Piksea, I sort of thought you were a woman who operated on many levels and now I know it is true.

I lost my dad a year and a half ago and sometimes I still miss him. I believe that we all live many lives (I hope that doesn't freak you out) so sometimes when I am really missing him, I think about him being in his new life and I am happy for him, because he got a new chance to start over. He was not a happy guy when he died.

I loved seeing HH. Thanks for the picture.

JoanneMarie Faust said...

Judy, I lost my dad a little over a year and a half ago, too. It will be two years in April. I still miss him a lot.

I'm not freaked out by your thoughts on reincarnation. I usually only think about that with babies. My niece has been here before. She started out with all kinds of knowledge and abilities that had to be learned in another life. My nephew is new. I'm pretty sure that he's never been here before. Since this is something we have no way of knowing or proving, I love that we can guess, suppose, consider all kinds of possibilities. Since my father died I have come up with a whole new theory on afterlife. I've decided that it's ideal. It's very logical and makes me feel better, so Ive decided to believe in it.