Thursday, May 18, 2006

Couch Potato Chronicles, Vol. 1

Has anyone seen those VW Jetta commercials with those horrible collisions in them? At first, I would just avert my eyes or leave the room when one of them came on. Last Friday, Mr. Handsome Honey and I went to see Poseidon (Josh Lucas, um, YUM!) and there was a Jetta in front of us. Somehow I now have a revulsion to both the commercials and the car. I'm creeped out just by the sight of those cars on the road.

Speaking of commercials, AOL has those goofy ones out with the regular people in races with athletes. They're pretty stupid, but I can't help but like the one with the bike race. The regular guy in it is just so likable. I love him.

Monday night I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. If only I had just turned the tv off at 10:30, I would have been fine. After it ended, HH came in the room and saw me all sniffling and just shook his head and said, "You never learn." He was right, I don't ever learn. I usually try to pass the blame off on him, but it never works.

I'm getting burned out again on television. I was pretty much off of tv when I met HH. I mostly used the tv as background noise, since I lived alone and Pickles has never been known for his conversational skills. I think I was down to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel at that point. There was nothing else that I really made an effort to see each week. HH, on the other hand, works in a big office and so, he would watch all the stuff that people talked about. He would watch a show just because it would be number one in the ratings that week. I had never seen an episode of Survivor and that was fine with me.

Alias: I first watched this show on dvd. I borrowed season 1 from the library and I loved it. I liked that Sydney Bristow was sweet and smart and was tortured by juggling her two lives. I didn't realize yet that Jennifer Garner can only act like she likes a boy when she really, really likes him. It was annoying to watch how stilted the romance became between Sydney and Vaughn when Garner hooked up with Ben Affleck. Okay, I get that Jennifer Garner was no longer in love with Michael Vartan (although, I may never understand why), but Sydney and Vaughn were in love. I'm sure she was getting a decent wage for her job as an actress. I don't think it would be too much to ask for her to act like she liked him. I guess none of it matters anymore, because as of next week, this show is history.

Invasion: At first this was just the show that came on after Lost, but the story is intriguing and the characters are the most complex and interesting of any on television. I'm disappointed that last night was the series finale. I found the characters fascinating and the storyline was so well written. I wanted to just follow along and see what it all meant.

Lost: I'm still following along with this show, but I'm feeling a little manipulated. There's all this weird commercial stuff going on, which is sort of funny. On the show, they are on a, supposedly, deserted island, so there's no product placement around. In fact, all the stuff they are finding is branded by the Dharma Initiative, the mysterious group running experiments on the island. There's even a shark swimming around the island with the Dharma logo. Now, they have all websites that tie into the story and they are filled with advertising, Dodge, Sprite, etc. It's pretty lame. I like to have as much information as possible, but this is a tv show and I'd hate to see it ruined by all this extraneous nonsense.

Well, time to get off my ass, and my little soapbox. Until next time.

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