Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas meme, part 2


3. Colored lights on the tree/house or white? I like white lights on the tree, because my ornaments are really colorful and I like the way the light just enhances them. My tree is filled with lots of big, shiny ornaments, mostly mercury glass. Whenever members of my family spot really big, usually very garish, sparkly shiny ornaments, they buy them for me. Every vacation I pick up something to go on my tree. I love my ornaments. I like spending time looking at them, rearranging them on the tree. There is no rhyme or reason, so I sometimes divide the tree up into themed areas. I'll put my ancient Egyptian stuff together ( I have King Tut's sarcophagus, his death mask and a big gold ball symbolizing Ra, the sun god), and the Disney stuff together, and the beachy stuff together, etc.

It doesn't matter to me what color the lights on the house are. I've been in my house for six years and I've never done outside lights. I have an evergreen bough with red lights that goes on the bannister in my foyer and white lighted candles in my windows. Have you ever seen the red candles in windows? I guess they might look more like real flames, but they always make me think of the glowing red pigs' eyes in The Amityville Horror , so they kind of weird me out.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? My mother always did. I don't. I'm 5'2" and I just don't put anything up that has to go up high, that I don't absolutely have to. I don't mind climbing, I think short people have to be excellent little monkeys. I never really think about mistletoe, either. I guess it's just a tradition that I never really embraced.

5. When do you put up decorations? It became my tradition to put my tree up on Black Friday while watching the movie Dogma. I refuse to leave the house, other than to go to my mom's for the traditional day after Thanksgiving leftover lunch. Any shopping that I need to do, I can do other days. Since I'm home bound for the day, it seems the perfect time to put up the tree and decorations. For a few years Comedy Central would show Dogma on Black Friday and I decided that it made for a good tradition. The last couple of years they haven't shown it, so I pop in my DVD.

This year, I spent half of last week putting up my tree. The darn thing mocks me. I couldn't get the branches to look right, then the lights caused all kinds of problems. I took them off and put them back on twice and still wasn't that happy with it. I wound up covered in scrapes and welts and scratches from spending so much time farting around with the tree. I also didn't watch Dogma. I know, shame on me. Instead I was watching Farscape, Season 1 on DVD. It's pretty good. I'm a sucker for a good guy and the main character is such a good guy.

Okay, that's it for today. Tune in later for more Christmas meme and Christmas memories.

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