Wednesday, March 07, 2007

#6 Unapologetic wise ass

100 Things about Piksea ~ #6

I am an unapologetic wise ass. Well, that's partially true. Occasionally something will pop out of my mouth before I even knew I was thinking it. I usually wind up apologizing for those things. But, I absolutely do not apologize for being a wise ass. Most of my life my mother would caution me, "Nobody likes a wise ass, Piksea." But, she was wrong. I, for one, really like a wise ass.

I know, they say sarcasm is the weapon of the weak. I think it's most dullards that hold this point of view, because they are incapable of holding their own in spirited conversation. They wouldn't have to be so wet blankety if they weren't such mental and verbal wusses. My family has always been filled with wits and jokers and tricksters. We all grew up well versed in jokes and pranks.

Don't get the impression that I lump my mom in with the dullards. She just was best at harnessing her inner wise ass. She is the epitome of tact and diplomacy. She can rip you a new one with a smile on her face, without ever raising her voice and with all strictly "G" language. She personifies diplomacy when defined as "the ability to tell you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip." She's really a wise ass with an incredible degree of self-control. As it turns out, she digs a wise ass, herself. She's totally smitten with House, MD, especially Dr. House, himself. It's his acerbic wit that gets her. He's a total wise ass.

I will always wear my distinction as a wise ass proudly. I adore all of my very witty friends. The ability to play well with words is a power that I should be able to use for good or evil as suits my mood.

Although my parents tried very hard to keep my "fresh mouth" in check, or at least to try to get me to think before I blurt, many of their favorite stories to tell were the utterances of said fresh mouth.

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