Friday, June 28, 2013

The Weekend Doth Approach. It's a Literary Links Happy Hour

At the Fausti house, we'll be skipping our beloved Friday Happy Hour to get ready for Danny Boy's middle school graduation party tomorrow.  I'll definitely have to make that up to my Mickey next weekend. However, I it's time for a literary link happy hour hear at the FBQ.  

  • Thought Catalog has this great article titled, "How to Read More -- A Lot More"  I always feel like I need to read a lot more, but most of the people in my life disagree.
  • Huff Post Books is reporting on 11 Unforgivable Changes Made to Books in Movies.  I'm sure these are just the tip of the ice berg to people who make strict close comparisons.  For me, it really depends on so many factors.  As usual, when it comes to Huff Post, the  article takes a really simplistic view to the topic.  I'm sure anyone I know who loves books and watches movies can give far better examples.
  • Flavorwire has the 10 New Must Reads for July.  Have at it, folks.  I'm so ADD in my reading habits that I'll be happy if I manage to tackle one of these this month.  If you want to find someone who does this right, check out my friend Judy's blog, Keep the Wisdom.  She's been faithfully following her reading plan for years and manages to fit in all the best books to read right now.  
That's all for the moment.  You may possibly be subject to more linky posts throughout the day.  Until I escape my office bonds and get crackin' on the party set up!

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