Monday, August 12, 2013

E-reader thoughts

I am a woman who can't pass a bookstore without going in. I am also a woman who can't leave a bookstore empty handed.  I just can't do it.  I love books. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I love the way they fill the bookshelves in my house and I keep interesting ones laying out on the nightstands in the guest room and my coffee tables.  I've long harbored a desire to collect book ends, but you have to have enough space on a bookshelf to fit a bookend and I never have left over space on my bookshelves.  

There's still so much debate over the ereader.  Has everyone already seen this article from late June on Bookriot?  The author of the article talks about all the things she swore she'd never do and then turned right around and did.  I was feeling slightly superior while reading since I have steadfastly avoided the Ugg at all costs.  Ditto 50 Shades of Gray, and I plan on standing firm on that one.  

Now, when Barnes and Noble first put out word about the original nook way back when (what was it 3 or 4 years ago), I jumped at the first notice and pre-ordered mine.  I loved the idea of endless books in the palm of my hand.  Have you ever gone on vacation and lugged 50 pounds of books with you?  I do that often.  Actually, I still do bring multiple regular books with me on vacation.  But, I know that I've got over a thousand in my nook.  Christmas 2011 came and Santa Mickey bought me the nook tablet, which I still use every single day.  Last Christmas I got the nook hd+ which I prefer to keep on my nightstand. It's got my books, games, magazines, catalogs and other apps. I watch tv shows and movies when the boyfriend goes to sleep. It is our bedroom computer when the smartphone screen just doesn't cut it for what we want to see. I hate the idea that the further it strays from my bedside, the more likely it is to get damaged.  It also doesn't have nearly the battery length that any of the others have.   The bonus of the newest upgrade of my hd+ is that it is now, technically, an android tablet, so it also functions as a kindle, so, best of both worlds, right?

Now, before you get the idea that I'm helping destroy the print world. I still buy books regularly, give them as gifts, always and, I visit my local library at least once a week. I'm not giving up on books. How could I? They are some of my favorite things. I just like that there are so many ways to read them.  I'm always going to  be amenable to new ways to read.  I think ebooks give people who want to write a chance to get their work out there, even if they can't get a traditional print house publisher.  Some people even find enough of an audience to get their books published and on bookstore shelves.  

While I can't make any promises as to the future of books/publishing/reading, I can tell you that it seems like an awful lot of crying wolf. I know more people who are truly book lovers now than I ever have at any other point in my life. I love when people who were never readers, suddenly discover a book that makes them rethink that, and I see that fairly regularly. I find myself in book discussions with people I never would have expected to feel so strongly about reading and I love it. I don't think the printed word is in any danger, and for that I breathe a very heavy sigh of relief.  Whew!

I was on vacation last week and made a point of spending little time behind a computer.  I did read quite a few books and will get some reviews and some fresh links up soon.  

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