Thursday, August 01, 2013

Fresh Links

Sorry for the late post and the fact that I don't have a new review for you.  I've got a dozen or so books that need to be given thought and then put those thoughts into words for the handful of you who are so kind as to stop by.  However, I can not help myself, I'm a sucker for a good book link.  So, I'm going to share a little of the fun stuff I've amassed in my indiscriminate clicking  of the mouse.

  • Flavorwire's post 10 Truly Horrible Beach Reads is interesting. I've got a really good translation of War and Peace which is housed in a ginormous hardcover book.  I haul it off of my nightstand and take a good look at it and think to myself, anyone who saw you with a book that big would probably ask, in jest, "what are you reading, War and Peace?"  I certainly wouldn't want to lug that to the beach.  It's a strictly bedtime read. It goes from nightstand to lap and back again. Seriously, it's a freakin' monster!
  • Speaking of Ayn Rand (I know, I wasn't, but that last article was), here's Flavorwire's list of the All-Time Greatest Ayn Rand Takedowns. I appreciate it. I'm not a fan of her theories.  Even when I want to like the characters, she makes it so you just can't do it.
  • Buzz Feed wants to share the 9 Things You Should Know About Oscar Wilde's Niece.
  • Mental Floss teaches an important history lesson:  It was not a good idea to piss off John Adams. The man had an awesomely razor sharp tongue.
  • Book Riot has a list, with a bonus zen diagram infographic as a bonus of the top 20 books people lie about reading.  I've read all but 7, swearsies.
  • Sure, I have a love of book links, but it's a distant second to my obsession with book lists. Imagine my joy when I find both!  Buzzfeed has this article on the 23 Books You Didn't Read in High School But Should.  Sadly, I've only read 13 on this list.  The rest are on my "Must Read" list. If I could just get to them.
  • Back at Flavorwire they are talking about Pre-Post Fiction and i'm not really sure what the issue is.  These could be roman a clef. Plenty of authors write what are essentially memoir but they take some storytelling liberties and put the work out as fiction. This happens a lot. I thought this was the way authors avoid all that Frey craziness.
  • One of Mental Floss's most popular articles this week was this one about 6 Alternative Dictionaries Your Bookshelf Needs.   I concur completely, but are any of them still in print?
  • Here is a list of not so surprising Literary Authors You Didn't Know Wrote Science Fiction.  Half of this list isn't surprising at all.  
  • Here's the Childhood Art of Famous Authors.  Hey! They drew and wrote just like I did.  
  • What do you think of this? The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Reading List. A little literal for my taste, but definitely an article worth checking out and including books that should be on the list of the staycationer as well.
  • I'll finish out tonight with this Flavorwire infographic of The Greatest Books of All Time 

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