Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday! Do You Know Where Your Next Book Is?

So, it's finally Friday and that means:

  • Unshelved Book Club, not only the best library centered comic strip ever, but a great resource for finding ideas for your next read.
  • It's Free Friday over at Unbound: The Nook Blog. Every Friday Barnes and Noble offers a free book and app for their e-readers.  The comments are always filled with more book suggestions.
~ For those of you who like to read online, here's Flavorwire's link to 10 websites for lovers of longform reading.

~ For all of you e-readers, have you checked out PremierEBooks yet?

~ You'll be ready to unwind after reading this post and the incendiary comments at Book Riot.  Amanda Nelson creates her own entry into the Shit (insert group here) say meme. In her case, it's a tongue in cheek look at book snobbery.  However, after reading the article, which I took at face value to be intended as humor, the author invited readers to expand in the comments.  I casually scrolled down expecting more of the same only to find a flame war.  Mrs. Nelson, responses, trying to explain her intentions were met with some really angry responses.  I'm torn between thinking she's a real trooper for responding and realizing this must be why many people don't get into the fray with their readers.  

~ In other book controversy, it appears that Jonathan Franzen ruffled some feathers when interviewing author Juan Gabriel Vazquez.  You can read all about it and a new book list of 20 Great Works of Latin American Fiction.

~ If you are a fan of the audiobook, or never really got what the fuss was about, here's a list of 16 Audiobooks read by A-List Celebrities as posted on Buzz Feed Books.  I like audiobooks, they keep me from reading in the car and crashing into things.  On the other hand, I've listened to book on cd with either terrible narrators, or really frustrating stories and have given the tiniest thought into heading for a tree, just to make it stop.

~ Not sure what children's books to read next? Or, for the children in your life to read next?  Book Riot has this list of 50 Books to Read Before You're 11 3/4. There are, only 25 books in the list, all pretty great. The comments fill in more choices for the list and it's a far nicer exchange than poor Amanda Nelson got. Oh, and while you are there, definitely check out the original UK post it honors.  Personally, I'm not sure I want which list I'm more likely to start.  Do you think anyone would really notice if I made it books to read and things to do, but upped the age range to say, under 50?

~ In other reading list news, if you are looking for your next contemporary British novel, Flavorwire thinks this list of 19 will get you off on the right foot.

~ Have any thoughts on the LGBT experience?  Here's a list that Tyler Coates of Flavorwire has compiled as 25 Essential Works of LGBT Non-Fiction.  

~ Maybe you're looking to enhance your exposure to Science Fiction and Fantasy.  If so, here are, according to Emily Temple the 50 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels that Everyone Should Read.

~ If you would rather spend your weekend out of doors than curled up with a book, here's a list of 50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit as compiled by Jason Diamond at Flavorwire.

Well, that's it for links today.  I think it is safe to say that I can not be blamed if you can't find something good to read this weekend.   As for me, I plan on finishing Eleanor and Park which is beautiful and sweet and totally tragic and A Game of Thrones because, I've been diligently hacking away at it all week.

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