Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Links I Found Fit to Print

In an ongoing desire to spread my love of literary links, here is the next batch for your clicking pleasure.

  • While this post feels a little light to me, I always enjoy it when people share a love of books.  One of the commenters added a quote from Nathan Fillian. I would've liked to have seen a photo to go with that. Preferably as Mal Reynolds.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the Huffington Post.  For every article I find important and thought provoking, I spy a dozen that are the utterly inane.  And, it takes forever to load a page, including the two or three times it starts to reload, while you are trying to read the article. This frustrates me to no end.  This article entitled, 7 Book That Will Inspire You To Be A Better Writer is a winner, even if you aren't a writer.  
  • Leave it to the folks at BuzzFeed to find something like this.  Their post on 11 Classic Children's Books With Titles that Reflect Their Dark Message made me laugh.  We all know just how dark many children's books are. I believe I've said it many times here on this site. Just consider the dearth of mothers in fairy tales, Disney stories and other children's fiction.  I was horrified when I read Jon Klassen's books.  That bear totally ate that rabbit that had his hat. What is up with that?  My Mickey's youngest, Daniel (now 14) thought it was hysterical.
  • In this Austen-centric age, it's no surprise she is managing to create some controversy.  Over at Flavorwire,  Michelle Dean posts about her more famous detractors, in light of the hubbub over putting her face on money.  Wow!  I usually get a kick out of Mark Twain's snark, but he was kind of mean about Austen... and Poe.
  • And, since this is Jane's World, you should check out this slide show over at Huff Post Books. In it, Deborah Yaffe gives the symptoms of a Jane Austen addiction.  It would seem that I may only have a little bit of a habit, not coming anywhere near an addiction.  Although, Yaffe didn't even cover all of the books written by Jane Addicts that, I must admit, I can't help but check into fairly regularly, in the hopes that I'll stumble across a story that truly transports me back to the worlds and characters Ms. Austen created.
  • So much hype about Netflix's Orange is the New Black. I have to admit, although I've only seen the first few episodes, I do like the way the story is being parsed out, all while telling Piper's story now.  Not to be left out of the discussion, allow me to end this post with this article from Buzzfeed Books highlighting all of the books referenced on the show.
That's it for now. Happy clicking.

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