Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Perfectly Normal

It's Perfectly Normal  by Robie Harris
From the ALA Banned and Challenged List

This very educational, open minded and straightforward book is prominently and permanently on the ALA's list of frequently banned and challenged books.  It's Perfectly Normal covers all of adolescence, sexuality and families in great detail.

The illustrations were numerous and very well done.  Harris includes two cartoony characters who comment on each fact presented.  One takes the immature position, indicating that he isn't ready for the information. The other character is fascinated by all of the knowledge imparted and processes it maturely and appropriately.  I thought this was a great touch considering the fact that kids need  this info, but mature at different rates. Parents could use the reactions of their kids as compared with the two in the book to determine how ready they are to process the information.

Harris shows and explains the way bodies grow and change in adolescence. He explains sex, birth control, pregnancy, STDs, homosexuality, etc. Everything a child should know and will need to know as they grow up is explained here. Harris takes a totally non-judgmental stance on every topic.  I heartily recommend this book for anyone, well, anyone who is ready to process the information.  It would be wasted on very young children who won't understand.  When it's time for "the talk", this book and a good question and answer session with your kids will prepare them for most of what's to come in their bodies, and in their lives.

See the above video and absolutely go to You Tube and read the comments made.  These people are off their rockers.  I'm at a loss for words by the ignorance paraded around as religion.  When did these people decide the human body was Satan's creation?  Grrrr.


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Thanks for reviewing, I think this would be a fabulous book, from your review, for a few of the youngsters in my life!


So many books, so little time said...

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