Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two-Way Street

Two-Way Street  by Lauren Barnholdt

Oh, the melodrama.  Courtney got dumped by Jordan.  Courtney and Jordan were very good together, even though no one, including them, would have imagined them as a couple.  Then, just a few weeks before their planned trip to the college they are both attending, he breaks up with her for a girl he met on the internet.   The trip, however, is still on.

The narrative moves back and forth from the present to the day they first got together, and also between the two characters' perspectives.  There is just so much obviously manufactured and overwrought emotional turmoil here, it actually made the book a chore to read. It's not even that long of a book and I felt like it was wasting my time.  I gave it a chance because I hoped the author could make something of the story.    Sadly, that never happened.

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