Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Underworld  by Meg Cabot  (Book 2 of the Abandon trilogy)

Underworld picks up where Abandon left off. Pierce Oliviera has once again escaped death and wound up in the underworld with John Hayden, in this modern version of a Persephone tale.  Although, to call it a modern version or retelling is misleading. The Persephone story is known by the characters here. It's more, 'it happened before and it's happening again' kind of a story.

As a way to bring new life and a new audience to the ancient myths, I like the idea of this book.  I also think that Cabot has a way of creating real and flawed characters that, despite the crazy situations, her intended audience can relate to.  I don't know that any 16 year old girl is in a position to make such life changing decisions, but I'm pretty sure that most 16 year old girls are convinced that they are.  

I don't think this is a masterpiece.  It's a book where you suspend disbelief and just go along for the ride.  It isn't remotely believable, it's a modern girl living out a myth. Her grandmother is a Fury, trying to kill her.  Her boyfriend is the ruler of the underworld and there's a portal there in the cemetery on the island where her mother grew up.  Not exactly anyone's idea of same old, same old.  So, you just let it go and see what happens.  No one will confuse this with fact. It's just a diversion, an escape from your own day.  

I don't think Pierce is one of Cabot's best characters, but I like that she went out and gave her readers a new look at Persephone, flaws and all.

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Judy Krueger said...

Believe it or not, I have never read Meg Cabot. Where should I start?