Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grim Tales: The Curse of the Doubloons

Grim Tales: The Curse of the Doubloons by Linda Demeulemeester

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This is a short story based on the Grim Hill characters, which I haven't read.  It did feel a little like I was missing some of the big picture.  It didn't read like I needed to have read the books, but I could tell there were bigger stories for these characters of which I was unaware.

Cat and her little sister, Sookie go on a field trip to New Orleans, and somehow when trying to make it to through a museum tour, leaving some time to go on a swamp boat tour.  Instead, they, along with a group of their school friends,  wind up on a pirate ghost ship and need to find a way off before they are stuck there forever.

Interesting and well written, this was a pretty good introduction to the Grim HIll world.  I would definitely be interested in seeing what the full length books in the series are about.

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