Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Tree Lady

The Tree Lady  by H. Joseph Hopkins and Jill McElmurry

Borrowed from the Camden County Library System

This book is wonderful!!! I especially recommend it for families with little girls.  The Tree Lady is the story of Kate Sessions.  Her love of trees and science led her to become a pioneer in many ways.  She was the first woman to graduate with a science degree from the University of California.  After leaving her beloved tree filled northern California, she wound up in the desert of San Diego.  

Kate knew it didn't have to be a desert and she set out to create a green city. She found plants that needed little water to thrive. She contacted people all over the world and had them send seeds and seedlings from places with arid climates.  When there were too many for her to plant alone, she got help.  What they created was the lush green landscape of modern day San Diego.  One girl with a love of trees, grew up to get an education in science, start a career in science. She took her love and made her world a better place.  

This is a beautiful and inspiring story.  I've noticed that there is a big trend right now to help girls know that they can pursue careers in the maths and sciences.  It's so great to see how much better the world will be if girls are are encouraged to pursue these avenues. 

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guiltlessreader said...

I love the art too! What a lovely feel-good story this is!