Friday, February 21, 2014

Links, Book Lists and Images to Drool Over

It's that time again, when I share with you the book links, posts and pics that I find and enjoy.

  • It's entirely too cold these days.  I don't want to get out of bed and I am so very sick of being cold.  I'm spending an awful lot of time brewing up hot beverages. With that in mind, here is an older Flavorwire article containing 15 Cultural Icons on the Pleasures of Coffee. All are far more interesting than my enjoying the comforting warmth as I start each day.  
  • Get a load of these and tell me if you won't be reading any and all Lovecraft on an e-reader.  Check out Flavorwire's Celebrate H.P. Lovecraft with 20 of his Creepiest Book Covers. Of course, this was originally posted on his birthday, many months ago, but it doesn't deplete the ick factor of the artwork on his books. 
  • Here's another set of Last Words of famous people.  I know it's a little morbid and morose, but last words can be so poignant, or snarky, or ridiculous and that gives them that, 'They're Just Like Us" feeling.  
  • Here's a set of pulp book covers for classic novels and the results are kind of hysterical.  "Lock Up Your Daughters... Darcy's In Town"
  • I am forever daydreaming my perfect library.  While I always imagine it as a very high ceilinged room with full length bookcases and one of those rolly ladders to whoosh across the room from shelf to shelf, I can assure you that none of these "library chairs" were anything I ever envisioned.
  • Now, for a little taste of the surreal.  Here are 20 Photos of Famous Authors in Costume.  You can keep your Virginia Woolf in a disguise that would have every tongue on the internet wagging in distaste.  I just love the photos from Vanity Fair with Junot Diaz... Oh, and Lemony Snicket and Sean Andrew Greer singing fairy songs in costume is worth all the weird that I just wish I could unsee that I had to got through to get there.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the majority of the rankings here of The 15 Greatest Fictional Bears Ever. Well, other than the fact that they are right on the money with the number one bear!
  • The quotes here are wonderful and the photos used to present them make me want to crawl right into them.  You must spend some time poring over and just absorbing these 16 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Cuddle Up With a Book. As if, I needed such a thing.  I go through my days, just waiting until I get my chance to do just that, every single day.
  • Be sure to pop over to Buzz Feed Books and take their First Lines Literary quiz.  For the record, I rocked it.  I only got one wrong.
  • I played a lot of video games as a kid. Sure, I played very poorly, but that never stopped me.  In all my years of video games I don't think I ever heard of any literary video games.  Now, I want to run and fall off of stuff with Tom Sawyer and Arthur Dent and Jay Gatsby.  The last is the best of all, it's Ever Jane, a Jane  Austen video game that you can play and you can help the developers reach their goal by donating to their fundraising campaign.
  • Also over at Buzz Feed is this post with 6 Informative Illustrations of Poets and Their Homes. I really love this and I just hope that there is some expansion with this.
  • Have you visited the googly eyed books tumblr yet? I really need to pick up some packages of googly eyes. Apparently, I am missing out on boatloads of fun.  There's and just look how versatile googly eyes can be.
  • But, it's not all googly eyes. Literary oddities abound.  Just check out this Buzz Feed Books post about 17 Internet Jokes Only Literature Nerds Will Understand.  It's a poorly named post, but it does give you the dirt on a bunch of literary things that you may have missed.
Well that will do it for me.  Sooner than you think, I'll be back with more book links!  Happy Clicking.

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