Friday, March 21, 2014

Sharing my Book LInk Backlog

I have no idea who should get credit for this photo. I found it on facebook and I'm pretty sure that I read that it is outside of a library somewhere. I certainly hope the people of that community appreciate the fountain and the joys and wonders of a library.  Me, I just want my husband to build this for me. I'm imagining it as a waterfall into the pool.  That would certainly detract from the neighbors behind us with their cattywompus shades and unkempt house and yard.   

  1. First up, this Buzz Feed Books post entitled 37 Writers Share the Books That Saved Their Lives.  There are some really good books here. I think my favorite is the unidentified writer number 16 who says that Gabriel Garcia Marquez's beautiful and haunting One Hundred Years of Solitude taught her that you can write anything.  I'm hoping that she puts that to good use.
  2. Popsugar has been kind enough to give a list of the best books for women this month.  Many of these look pretty interesting.  If you are looking for something to read this month, you could probably do worse than choosing from these options.
  3. Flavorwire has this list of 7 Better Than Beach Reads About Famous Writers. So many great books here. I've had Flaubert's Parrot  on my TBR list for eons, and Colm Toibin is such an amazing writer, I will definitely be interested in reading his thoughts on Henry James. 
  4. Also out this month new Karen Russell!  New Teju Cole!  It's going to be a pretty good month for new books. I'm so glad there isn't a real season for books, like there are for movies and television.  Every month is filled with so many new and wonderful possibilities.  Here's Flavorwire's list of 10 Must Read Books for March 2014.
  5. Remember last week when I posted the two articles about people pretending to have read books?  Here is the third article on the subject and, quite possibly my favorite. Emily Gatlin of Book Riot discusses how she's pretended to read books she hadn't read.  Then she goes on to make a case for reading what she wants and being unapologetic about it.  Amen, sister!
  6. The Guardian claims that literary prizes have a negative effect on the popularity of books. I wonder if it makes people shy away from them because they seem more difficult, or less likely to be able to relate to them, or understand them.  It seems sort of a shame, though.  
  7. Someone took the time to diagram the first sentences of famous books... and it looks cool, but I'm pretty sure that it would be just as much of a pain if I had to do them again.  
  8. I'm a big fan of all the typography going around these days.  Buzz Feed spotlights 15 literary typography prints .  How awesome is The Fight Club quote?  Even the writing has the look of being written by a hand controlled by an unquiet mind.
  9. For all of you Harry Potter fans, have you been to the Ministry of Magic's website?  Well, what are you waiting for, it is so very very cool!
  10. The folks over at Mental Floss think they've come up with The Dark Origins of 11 Classic Nursery Rhymes. Who's to say whether or not they've got them right?  If nothing else, they are very interesting to ponder.  The crazy things we teach our children.
  11. Here's a Buzz Feed Books post on 22 Books You Should Read Now, Based On Your Childhood Favorites. of the 44 books, I've read 30, some of them the children's selection and the grown up one, some I've read one or the other.  There are plenty of great selections here.  As far as the selections where I read both books, I'd have to say this is a well thought out list.
  12. Ever try to compile a list of the greatest monsters in children's literature?  Alison Nastasi at Flavor Wire did and her list is very interesting. Some are truly monsters (the dementors, Smaug), some just jerks (the Grinch), some I've never heard of, but will be looking into and then there's poor little Bunnicula.  He's not a monster and even that silly cat Chester realized it eventually.
  13. As a bonus, since my favorite monsters were not officially included in the Flavor Wire piece, the Wild Things, here's an article entitled Five Things You Didn't Know About Maurice Sendak, the creator of one of my favorite little anti-heroes, Max and his wild things.
That's it for today. Until next Friday, happy clicking!

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