Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks/ 1-2-3 Peas/ Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: A Book of Dinosaur Riddles by Noelle Sterne, illustrated by Victoria Chess

Not only was this not the book that I thought it was, it was sort of a disappointment.  I saw a book with this name listed as one of the best children's books out on an Amazon list, but this is the only book with that title available at my local library.  

I gave this book a try, but it just wasn't even remotely funny.  I like silly jokes. I've been known to laugh my fool head off uncontrollably at a joke that even I realize is completely stupid.  Just watch Hank Green's 50 jokes videos. I lose it every time I watch them.  The jokes are not good. I repeat them to my husband, who looks at me like I am a crazy woman.  So, I don't really need my jokes to be smart, they can be all that "dad humor" and I'll still laugh and repeat them.  I'm not a joke snob, honestly.

The drawings are technically good, but very drab.  The punchlines are all plays on the words marsh and bog and fossil, that kind of thing.  I know that I'm not the intended audience for this book, so maybe, smaller kids might enjoy it.  Oh, well.  You can't like them all.

1-2-3 Peas by Keith Baker 

This was really cute.  The little peas, 100 in all, are very happily involved in a variety of activities. Every page is covered in large numbers and little green peas playing, driving, jumping, etc. You name it, they are busy doing it.  

The drawings are adorable, and I found it not at all surprising that peas were always one of my favorite vegetables.  I just never realized that they were having so much fun before they found themselves on my table.

If you've got a counter... and my nephew Baby Mick is a counting savant, they will definitely enjoy this book. In fact, I think I'll pick up a copy of this for Mickey for Easter.

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!  by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Mama Bear and Baby Bear go out each season to see the leaves.  The illustrations look like they are done on a felt board. But, much nicer than any of the generic felt board stories you've ever seen.  The bears are adorable.

Not only is the book lovely to look at, but it is extremely educational.  Mama and Baby go out to see the state of leaves from the spring, when the trees are budding, to winter after the leaves have all fallen.  Wallace gives loads of facts in the story and then has a whole educational section on chlorophyll and the life cycle of trees and leaves.  

I've been discovering so many amazing educational children's books.  This one is adorable and has so much for young learners. I can see this being very popular with the kids who get opportunity to read it.

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