Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flamingo Sunset/ Sitting In My Box/ I'm Here

Flamingo Sunset  by Jonathan London and Illustrated by Kristina Rodanas

This is another of the delightful educational children's books.  It gives the story of a flamingo from the building of the nest on the beach.  However, the artwork is so amazingly beautiful, I didn't ever want to turn from the first page.  

This is the kind of book that I wanted to move into.  I had to force myself through it. Not because the story isn't good, but because the illustrations are so gorgeous that I had to force myself to turn the pages. 

And,the story is very good, too. The flamingo parents make a nest and lay an egg.  Then you see the chick and how it is reared and we end with the chick fully grown and building  a nest.  This book is just lovely!

Sitting in My Box  by Dee Lillegard and Illustrated by Jon Agee

A little boy sits in a box, reading a book. Then, he gets some company.  As the box fills up and the space runs out, he knows he needs to take back his space.

I'm pretty sure that most kids can identify with this book. Maybe not sitting in a box and being crowded out by a jungle full of large wild animals, but probably with sitting somewhere quiet and having an imagination so big that it makes the world around them so much more than expected.

This book was such a joy to read.

I'm Here  by Peter H. Reynolds

I loved this book!  It's so sweet. It's a little kid who sees that he's separate from his peers and what it means to him.  It's not about bullying or ostracism, just being different from the other kids, even if it's just for that moment.

While the other kids play together, he enjoys the peace and really communes with the world around him.  He listens to and feels the wind.  It's very zen, especially for a little kid.

When a piece of paper blows by him, he makes a paper airplane and it brings him and his peers together.  I'm not sure which kids I'd recommend this for.  It's not very common kid like behavior.  Every little kid should be able to just be like the protagonist here.  

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