Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Story of Adam and Eve

I was visiting my niece and nephew on Sunday afternoon. I went to bring them presents I bought for them when I played hooky and went to the Adventure Aquarium on Friday. My niece, the natural performer/nut case that she is decided that she was going to have church and that my nephew and I were to be her parishioners.

She set up a tv tray with her supplies and set up her little pulpit as my 6 year old nephew did everything in his power to disrupt the proceedings and Rocco Giuseppe (everyone gets a middle name in my family, pets included), their 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier kept bringing me toys that he wanted me to fight over with him.

Then, she explained that she was going to tell us the story of Adam and Eve. This is how it went:
It all started in Tennessee. God made Adam and then when Adam told God that he was bored and wanted company, God made Eve. Then, God took away their clothes and made them naked. He gave them all kinds of fruits and vegetables and good food to eat and told them that they could have anything they wanted as long as they didn't eat from the tree of knowledge. But, Adam and Eve decided that they could really go for an apple. God got really mad at them and told them they weren't allowed to be naked anymore and they had to find a way to cover themselves up. They used fruit to cover their bodies and they looked just like banana splits.

So, if anyone was curious about the first biblical couple, now you have the story.

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