Friday, March 10, 2006

There's music in my head!

For weeks now, every morning I wake up to some strange song in my head. I can't imagine what made the DJ in my subconscious choose them, but there they are. The alarm goes off (not radio, but that horrible 'beep beep beep') and as soon as I hit the button (either snooze or the alarm off) I become aware of today's song. This morning it was "Beth" by KISS. Don't ask. I haven't got a clue where it came from. Sure, when I was a kid, I did like the song in its day, but I can't honestly say that I've given it a thought in an age.

Yesterday, it was really an oldie, "Mr. Sandman." I told Handsome Honey about it and he started doing that little bom bom sound from between the lines. Before we went to bed Wednesday night he managed to put "The Mayor of Simpleton" in my head and I was really hoping I would wake to some XTC in the morning, but no. I even went to sleep singing 'Simpleton' in my head. What do I wake up to? 'Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...'

I don't have the song in my head all day, by the time I am applying my face it's dissipated. Often, since a lot of songs trigger memories for me, the song morphs into another one. In the last couple of weeks, I've woken up with that dorky song from Dirty Dancing, 'I've had the time of my life...' One morning it was that old Sheena Easton song, "My Baby Takes the Morning Train," but by the time I got into the shower, it had morphed into "You Could have Been with Me."

There are the songs that really triggered memories, too. I woke up to "Walk Like an Egyptian" an it automatically turned into my pal Zoid's version, "Walk Like a Beautician" Where she walked around moving her hands like her fingers were scissors. Enter memory/reverie:

I see Zoid, Freshman year of college, somehow convincing people that she can cut hair. Why? She's Zoid, we learned never to ask questions like that about Zoid. She wound up giving a frightening amount of people the same haircut. They were all happy. In retrospect, it was not flattering on anyone. I have friends who occasionally look back and shake their heads in wonder that they could have let Zoid have scissors near their heads, could have let her actually use them to cut their hair and most of all, that they thought they looked good with those horrible haircuts. Zoid, just sits back with one of those enigmatic Mona Lisa kind of smiles. She's the only one who could ever know her motivation for such things. It's probably better that she doesn't share.

One morning I woke to either "There's a Meeting in the Ladies Room," or "The Men All Pause," I don't remember which, because one quickly morphed into the other. Into my head pops my beautiful friend, Chauncey (the most beautiful woman in the world). I'm remembering/seeing her playing pool in the Stud(ent) Center game room, dancing her best Solid Gold dancers dance and singing into the pool cue. Chauncey had some of the best performances. Mostly they were Pat Benatar songs. I remember her lip synching to Pat into her hairbrush in the dorm room. And, of course, there were the unforgettable chin man performances.

Yesterday, Adrienne from Bookmark my Heart sent me an e-mail that tells you the song that was number one on any given day. The e-mail has you using it to determine the song that was number one on the day you were born. Here's the link. I already knew my song and the songs for the majority of my family members on their birthdates, because Mr. Handsome Honey is a musical genius and he knows every song that was ever a hit, many of them right off the top of his head. I passed the email around to some friends and relatives and Chauncey, who's song was "Help me, Rhonda" was wishing that it was Funkytown. I realized my problem with the system. The song that was number one when I was born I'm more likely to identify with my parents. The better songs to know are the ones that were the hit when the music mattered and big things were happening in our lives. What was the hit song when I lost my virginity? Or when I first started dating some boy or other? When I started high school, or graduated? I want to know what was number one on my 21st birthday, or my 18th, or some other occasion when the music would have been the music I was listening to.

Go check out some of the important dates in your life. I would love to hear what songs the list associates with the big moments in your life.


Judy Krueger said...

Hi Piksea, I didn't forget about your blog, just got busy. I love the song in your head thing. My husband used to work for Disney and it was a high crime in our house to ever sing "It's a Small World After All", because once it is in your head it will not leave all day.

I do my exercises in the evening and each time I play a different CD. That way I can wake up with say, a Roseanne Cash song in my head.

But definitely the hit songs are the soundtrack of our lives. (Since I used to be a lead singer in a cover band, I actually still know all the hits from those years.) That is why I include the pop songs from the years in Reading For My Life.

Thanks for the link on hit songs. I am going there now.

mimirano said...

Hello My Beautiful Friend, I laughed out loud when I read about my famous haircuts!!! I really can't believe that someone would let me cut their hair!!! I remember once cutting Al's hair across and not down and he had this very strange Dutchboy thing going on! Those were definately the days! I couldn't think about reliving them at this point in my life, but I can relive them in my head. I can't believe any of us survived!