Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Girls' Weekends

Yes, I know. Once again I am seriously remiss in my blogging here.

On August 11, I got home from work and it was such a gorgeous night, I planned on spending it on my deck with a book and my puppy Pickles. The Handsome Honey is usually home fairly early on Fridays, so I defrosted some ground turkey and rolls for turkey burgers, made up a big salad, cleaned the table and set up all my lanterns and candles on the deck. HH came home and fired up the grill and we had a lovely dinner. Just as I was thinking about cleaning up and dragging out War and Peace, since I am so woefully behind in my reading, to spend the night on my lounge chair, book and puppy in my lap, lots of citronella oil chasing away the buggies and giving me light, HH asks if I'm ready to go.

Apparently, he decided that we would be seeing The Descent that night. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. He said, "It's a girl power movie, you love those." True, I do love the girl power, but I knew this was a horror movie and I'm not a fan of those at all. He was comparing it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I countered that Buffy was sanitized for television, just the way I like my icky stuff. I love Buffy, but I liked the idea that bad guys are green or fangy or somehow obvious. I prefer my evil overt. Really, I like the characters and the relationships, and, of course, the language. Joss Whedon is genius. Plus, he writes the best men. This is the guy I would have liked to have created all men.

So, we go, despite my many many reservations to see The Descent. It was bloody and gruesome and so not girl power. HH kept saying things like, "Look, I told you it was a girl's movie, they killed off the only man in the cast in the first five minutes." It was not a girl's movie. He was all up for some scary fun, but it was gory and violent and, well, bleah!

On the drive home, HH says that he's noticed that I have two girls' weekends on the calendar in the kitchen. He wants to know if when I get together with the girls, do we go down into caves and fight monsters. Ummm, no. "Actually, honey, the only thing we fight on girls' weekends are corks out of wine bottles."

This weekend I had a completely monster free girls' weekend with my cousin AM at her shore house. It was lovely. We went to the beach and the boardwalk and had drinks and shopped and went out to dinner. It was just perfect.

Now, HH has already worked out the sequel to The Descent. Although, honestly, there can't be a sequel. Not that that's the kind of thing that stops these horror movie guys. Just the other day I saw a poster in the window at Blockbuster for a movie, which must have been direct to video. It was called "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer." The Descent ends and really, I think that poor girl would be spending the rest of her days in a padded room, securely in a strait jacket and with constant and massive doses or Thorazine in her system. And that is as happy of an ending as she could get.


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lazy cow said...

Buffy and Girls' weekends. A woman after my own heart!