Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas meme, part 6


15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? That's another hard to answer question. I love the cookies that my mom and I bake. I love most of the holiday desserts, though. After my great grandfather died and we started to spend Christmases with our more immediate family and never with our entire extended family, people would gravitate to our house on Christmas Eve. My mother would bake and clean out the bakery cases to have plenty of stuff available for guests. The guests usually brought stuff, too. We'd have people snacking and laughing and chatting for hours. They either came before or right after midnight mass, so sometimes it would be 2:00 before the house cleared out and we could start our Christmas.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love tradition and have a tendency to be resistant to change, so I like them all. I like that visiting and gathering and the time spent with family. I'd have to say that my favorite is probably the time my mom and I spend together baking. This year we've cut down the kinds of cookies we're making (but we usually add some in as we go along). I'll spend tomorrow night and Thursday night with her in the kitchen making the butter cookies we use the press for (someone has to get the rhythm of how many mechanical hums before just the right amount of dough is on the pan) and the viennese pretzels which are very delicate and not to be made alone, and probably another cookie or macaroon or two.
17. What tops your tree? Every year I say that I am going to buy a proper tree topper, say a pretty glittery star, or something to that effect. Then I take out my decorations and unwrap the corn husk angel that I found among my grandmother's things after she died. I'm not sure if it was finished, or if was ever intended as a tree topper, but she's really sweet and simple and as soon as I unwrap the tissue with her inside, I know that she's what I want on top of my tree.

18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving? Definitely giving. I am an excellent present giver. I love going out or surfing the web to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family. I don't usually get the impression that people generally pay as much attention, or put as much thought into it as I do. That's okay, but I never get how it happens. I think it's because I'm pretty intuitive, so I get a sense for people and I'm good at melding personality and style and finding something that will be to the recipient's taste and will be flattering, or interesting, or whatever (depending upon the kind of gift).

19. What is your favorite Christmas song? I like them all, in moderation. I love the modern versions as much as the classics. I'm a big fan of the Whirling Dervishes version of The Grinch Song, especially since they use the most important line, "The three words that best describe you, are as follows, and I quote, stink, stank, stunk." I used to tease Sparky with that one all the time. But, then, he was the creator of the infamous "You Suck" note, so he should have had a better appreciation of it.
20. Candy canes, yuk or yum? Yuk. I like mint, but I prefer mine sugar free and bite size. I'm not a big fan of dripping and slurping. Oooh dirty.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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