Wednesday, January 17, 2007

#2. My first Concert

100 Things About Piksea
# 2. My First concert

My first "rock" concert was at Steel Pier (which was demolished a couple of months ago) in Atlantic City when I was 4 or 5 years old. My parents took my brother and I, and the boy who lived across the street to see The Bee Gees. Yes, The Bee Gees. I vaguely remember the trip and I don't remember the concert at all. I do remember an unfortunate incident involving my brother and a little person at the Planter's store. At least I think it was a Planter's store, because I remember Mr. Peanut walking around. And, this may or may not have been where Phyllis Diller scared the crap out of me at the wax museum. I'm not sure if Madame Tussaud ever had a place in Atlantic City. If not, the Phyllis Diller incident happened when my family spent a couple of months in San Francisco when I was a little older.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, for many years, Mme. Tussaud had a presence on the boardwalk in Atlantic city. It's all gone now, though.