Friday, February 02, 2007

#3 - My Marital Stats

100 Things About Piksea ~ #3

I have been engaged twice, married once, divorced once, and am currently shacking' up with The Handsome Honey. I can't even count how many guys I dated up until HH and I went on our first date, which was 5 years ago, the beginning of January.

I think it's safe to say that I probably wouldn't know half of them if I tripped over them and I am known for my memory. Others, I think I would expect to look just like they did back in the day. Often I say young men who remind me a lot of a guy I dated a million years ago. It would be so odd to run into a boy I haven't seen since we were both teens, only to find that cute adolescent is now a bald, paunchy man who is quickly approaching middle age. My goal is to be timeless and I'm afraid to admit how much I spend on skin care and anti-aging products in a vain and pathetic effort to achieve it. I see myself everyday, so I don't notice the changes as much, but I think a good twenty year absence would make for very different looking lost loves, don't you?

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