Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cold Cereal

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex
Read:  2012 (well, listened to the audiobook on cd from my local library)

Scott Doe and his sister, Polly move with their mother, to Goodborough, New Jersey, home of Goodco Cereals.  His father is famous, but not in the picture.  Scott (short for Scottish Play Doe.  You really need to read the book for the awesome story behind his name.)

Scott starts school and befriends Erno and Emily Utz, whose foster father works for Goodco.  They have a seven foot extremely protective nanny and undergo an awful lot of bizarre testing. They also seem to come with their home. The foster parents change, but the kids stay where they are.  This isn't even the tip of the iceberg of weird in Goodborough.  Scott is seeing imaginary creatures and is now helping a clurichaun  named Mick (apparently, they are in the leprichaun family) who is in hiding from the Goodco people.  In fact the Good and Nice Cereal Company could not have had a more ironic name.  

This book is incredibly silly. It's part fairy tale, part monster story, part adventure and  all fun and excitement.  Scott learns a lot about himself, his family and life when the Does find their way to the cereal company town where his mom takes a job.    There's a book trailer here:

And, you can find the author's blog, here.  Apparently, this book is part of a trilogy.  You can find more information on the book at the Barnes and Noble website.  I will be looking for Unlucky Charms. And, this time, I'll get the regular book. It turns out that Mr. Rex is also a very talented artist. I missed out on his drawings with my choice of this book on audio.  

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